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Since the inception of the Flavor Research and Education Center in 2011, our short courses have been offered annually and have earned a reputation among industry participants of providing a highly valuable training experience.  Course topics have ranged from "Off-Flavors" to "Emulsions, Encapsulation, and Delivery" to "State-of-the-Art: Analytical Instrumentation."  We strive to continually deliver relevant and pertinent information.

As the Flavor Center's roots begin to take hold in our new home at The Ohio State University (Sept 2016), we recognize an opportunity to improve the training experience we offer.  That opportunity involves engaging you, the flavor community. We want to hear from you about your training needs and interests so that we can tailor future courses, based on your feedback.

Please visit our automated "Training Needs" page.  Upon submission, your ideas will be reviewed and considered for future course development.  In addition, you will be added to our short course community, where you will receive updates on FREC short courses and related training information.

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Featured 2017 Course:  Survey of Flavor Science

Course Information

Title: Survey of Flavor Science
Location: San Francisco State University - Downtown Campus 835 Market St, San Francisco CA 94103
  April 3-4, 2017
Instructors: Dr. Devin Peterson & Dr. Gary Reineccius


  Advanced Registration (closes Mar 2, 2017) Standard Registration
FREC Member $1095 $1295
ACS Member $1095 $1295
Non-member $1295 $1595

In partnership with



The Flavor Research and Education Center is proud to be partnering with the American Chemical Society - Department of Professional Education to offer a brand new flavor short course titled "Survey of Flavor Science."  This first-time course blends the extensive experience of "application oriented" FREC instructors with ACS's expertise in course design to bring you a valuable course in flavor science.

Flavor is part of virtually every food product, not to mention a growing list of general consumer products outside the food/agriculture sector.  The breadth of industry applications for flavors means two things:  1) the global market for food flavoring and the use of flavor in other products is ever-growing ($24B+) and 2) in order to successfully develop specific flavor applications, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of flavor systems and flavor chemistry.  This survey course provides a wonderful place to start or refresh your basic flavor knowledge. This 2-day course will cover a range of important flavor chemistry and technology topics.

To see additional information about this course, visit our "Survey of Flavor Science" course page.