Survey of Flavor Science Short Course

Survey of Flavor Science 

The Flavor Research and Education Center is proud to be partnering with the American Chemical Society – Department of Professional Education to offer a flavor short course titled “Survey of Flavor Science”.  This course blends the extensive experience of “application oriented” FREC instructors with ACS’s expertise in course design to bring you a valuable course in flavor science.

Flavor is part of virtually every food product, not to mention a growing list of general consumer products outside the food/ag sector.  The breadth of industry applications for flavors means two things:  1) the global market for food flavoring and the use of flavor in other products is an ever-growing sector ($24B+) and 2) in order to successfully develop specific flavor applications, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of flavor systems and flavor chemistry.  This survey course provides a wonderful place to start or refresh your basic flavor knowledge. This 2-day course will cover a range of important flavor chemistry and technology topics.  The main areas of focus will include basic flavor systems, off-flavors, flavor applications, flavor encapsulation, flavor characterization, flavor perception, and flavor generation/processing.  Throughout all sections of the course the instructors will integrate discussion and examples of analytical methods, techniques, and tips that pertain to the topic of concern.