The Flavor Research and Education Center

The Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) is a partnership between academic researchers and industry leaders focused on the creation, exchange, and application of knowledge to drive innovation in the food flavor market space.  Our utility-inspired fundamental research platform provides science-based solutions for our members and collaborators. 


FREC was created in 2011 as an open innovation platform to foster research collaborations between the food/flavor industry and academia. Center research is focused on advancing basic knowledge of common industrial problems.  The member companies share the cost of this research and also have the opportunity to work individually with the Center to use this basic knowledge for their own advantage. Our unique model enables critical research that in other contexts could be cost-prohibitive. Now housed at The Ohio State University, FREC benefits from strategic investments in agriculture and the Foods for Health Discovery Theme. This unique support directly benefits FREC members by fostering stronger academic/industry partnerships and enhancing our environment for research, innovation, and market-driven solutions. 


The Flavor Research and Education Center at OSU provides a strong fundamental research platform for collaboration to foster cross-disciplinary food research and translate basic discoveries into applied outcomes.
We strive to provide our partners with innovative solutions that elevate food quality and change the discussion around the development of highly palatable healthy food choices to promote consumption and health outcomes.

Although we work together as one team, approximately one third of the Flavor Lab’s support comes directly from FREC membership.  Those fees are small in comparison to supporting single research projects, but when resources are pooled together, we accomplish big things.  

To date, FREC has:Annual Meeting

  • Hosted 11 annual meetings
  • Completed 14 multi-year projects
  • Provided > 70 written research updates
  • Submitted 6 patents
  • Supported > 60 publications
  • Supported many students and researchers, see our team, past and present