Alex Amann, MS

Feb. 24, 2016

The Flavor Research and Education Center congratulates Alex Amann on graduating with his Master of Science degree on February 24, 2016.   Alex's research focused on the area of off-flavor characterization in stored apple and orange juice products, with the goal of lending insight into how fruit juices can achieve higher flavor acceptability after storage time.

Since the completion of his degree, Alex has accepted a position as a Flavor Chromatographer & Compounder at Prinova Group in Carol Stream, IL. With some experience, he will be inducted into a flavorist training program and begin his apprenticeship towards becoming a certified flavor chemist.  His career goal is to work with raw flavoring materials in new & innovative ways in order to create unique products for consumers, as well as benefit the 3rd world communities responsible for harvesting and producing the raw ingredients.