1. Geoff Dubrow

    May 14, 2018

    Congratulations Geoff Dubrow, PhD student, for receiving both the Feeding Tomorrow Dr. Richard L Hall Scholarship in Flavor Science and OVIFT Graduate Student Scholarship.

  2. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

    Apr 30, 2018

    Congratulations Hannah Mehle, MS student, for receiving the FST department's Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2018. 

  3. Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science

    Mar 12, 2018

    Congratulations Dr. Devin Peterson, the 2018 recipient of the Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science.

  4. Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum

    Mar 5, 2018

    Congratulations Geoff Dubrow, PhD student, for a third place finish in the FAES Oral Presentations category at the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum.  His presentation was titled “Flavoromics to Understand and Improve the Consumer Acceptability of Fruit Spreads”.

  5. Understanding Drivers of Flavor Quality Using Flavoromics

    May 22, 2017

    A core commitment of the Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) is to support the advancement of the flavor quality of healthy food options. Flavor quality is considered one of the main product attributes that influences food choice. Healthier foods options are often inferior in flavor quality, which impedes consumption and thus health impact. Historically, flavor research has focused on improving flavor by reducing levels of specific undesirable flavors, or increasing levels of desirable attributes.

  6. Sichaya Sittipod

    May 19, 2017

    Congratulations to Sichaya Sittipod, PhD student, for receiving the "People's Choice" award for her poster presentation at The Inaugural Conference on Food and Nutritional Metabolomics and 14th Annual Ohio Mass Spectrometry Symposium held at The Ohio State University. Her poster was titled: "A flavoromics approach in determining key chemical markers in green coffee beans that have significant impact on coffee brew flavor quality".

  7. Dr. Richard L. Hall Flavor Science Scholarship

    May 1, 2017

    Congratulations to both Sichaya Sittipod and Geoff Dubrow. Both are recipients of the Dr. Richard L. Hall Flavor Science Scholarship awarded by Feeding Tomorrow, the charitable foundation of IFT.

  8. The Jogue Incorporated Scholarship Award

    Mar 6, 2017

    PhD student Geoffrey Dubrow is the recipient of The 2017 Jogue Incorporated Scholarship Award, administered by The Society of Flavor Chemist (SFC).

  9. Examining the trigeminal burn of alcoholic products

    Jan 10, 2017

    Smoothness of alcoholic beverages is a general descriptor correlated with age (maturity) and associated with higher consumer preference or flavor quality.  Product smoothness is often associated with decreases in attributes such as trigeminal burn, sourness, astringency and overall mouthfeel.  A common strategy to improve the overall flavor profile and smoothness is to age alcoholic spirits after distillation. For example, bourbons and scotches are typically aged at least 3 years, and rums, tequilas and brandies are aged anywhere from 2 to 10 years or more.

  10. David Potts, PhD

    Dec 9, 2016

    Congratulations to David Potts who graduated with his Doctorate on December 9, 2016! David's research focused on understanding and providing insight into improving overall dairy flavor quality. The first phase of his research identified terpenoid, microbial off-flavors in a milk flagged as 'Spontaneously Oxidized,' providing a potential avenue to screen and improve milk quality for an increasingly acknowledged industry flavor defect. The second phase involved better understanding of nonvolatile contributors to creaminess in dairy products.