Brianne Linne

Brianne Linne
PhD Student
Coffee Chemistry

Brianne received a BS degree in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester, during which she spent time as a research assistant in both the Goldman Lab (multiple sclerosis, glial cell disease) and the Knill Lab (visuomotor control, visual working memory). Drawn to the perceptual side of neuroscience, she proceeded to Ohio State to pursue an MS degree in sensory food science under the guidance of Dr. Chris Simons. During her Master’s, she investigated oral texture perception, looking in particular at quantifying differences in oral texture perception among the population as well as at comparing oral roughness perception with mechanisms of astringency perception. Following her MS, Brianne did a rotational internship at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, GA, followed by a year in Coca-Cola’s R&D department, where she had the opportunity to use GCMS as a valuable tool to compliment sensory data collection. Wanting to develop stronger skills related to this area, Brianne decided to return to the OSU Food Science program for her PhD, under a co-advisement by Dr. Peterson and Dr. Simons. She is excited to return to the department, grateful for the opportunity for continued learning, and is looking forward to contributing to FREC research initiatives. Her current research looks at chemical and sensory aspects of “body” perception in coffee.

In her free time, Brianne enjoys most outdoor activities, particularly hiking, running, and sailing. She is currently dabbling in triathlons and is hoping to complete an Olympic distance tri without drowning in the near future.