Diana Paola Forero, PhD

Diana Paola Forero, PhD
Research Scientist
335C Howlett Hall

Diana Paola received her PhD degree in Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2016. Paola (as everyone calls her) has done research in Food Chemistry with emphasis in Flavor Research, and her thesis was focused on the elucidation of aroma and taste-active compounds in tropical fruits, and the mechanisms of flavor changes during processing by using several analytical techniques such as GC-O, GC-MS and LC-MS. She has also performed encapsulation of bio-active compounds by spray drying to develop innovative and functional food products. Before joining the lab, she was working as a Senior R&D Researcher in the food industry, and now is very happy to join the FREC team to apply her background in new challenging but fascinating flavor projects.

When she is not in the lab, she loves traveling, watching movies and spending time with her husband and two little kids, specially doing outdoors activities.