Ella Lin, MS

Ella Lin, MS
Research Associate
315C Parker

Ella received her Master’s degree from the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture department at Purdue University, where she studied the plant hormone auxin and its role regulating phototropic bending in plants. Ella then worked at the OARDC Metabolite Analysis Cluster (OMAC) metabolomics facility at The Ohio State University, where she used LC-MC/MS to analyze secondary compounds in plant, insect, and microbial samples. Ella later joined the Nutrient and Phytochemical Shared Resource (NPASR) metabolomics facility at OSU, where her work was focused on the analysis of phytochemicals in mammalian samples. Ella joined FREC in 2019. In addition to helping to manage the lab, she is applying her analytical skills to the field of food flavor chemistry.