Geoffrey Dubrow

Geoffrey Dubrow
PhD Student
Flavoromics / Chemometrics

Before starting graduate school, Geoffrey researched wine flavor & color chemistry at the University of California, Davis with Dr. Susan E. Ebeler, and also performed a 6 month internship in the chemical research department of the E&J Gallo Winery.

Currently, his research focuses on developing and using untargeted “Flavoromics” approaches to understand flavor, with Scotch whisky and fruit jam as test-bed food systems. Untargeted approaches hold promise in helping to answer many difficult questions in flavor, such as elucidating the chemical factors behind aged flavor in whisky, and helping to understand the chemical basis behind consumer acceptance in fruit jams.

When not in the lab, Geoffrey enjoys road biking, especially endurance events. He also enjoys cooking and baking, playing the banjo, and occasionally dabbles in painting.