Hannah Mehle

Hannah Mehle
MS Student
Protein Flavor

Hannah initially went to college with the intent of becoming a pharmacist, however, she realized her love of cooking coupled with her interest in science destined her to become a food scientist instead. She received her B.S. in Food Science from the University of Minnesota in 2014. As an undergrad, Hannah interned with Land O’ Lakes and after graduation, she held positions in R&D at a cereal company and a retort contract manufacturer. Hannah’s industry experiences led to her to pursuing her Master’s degree in flavor chemistry, since understanding flavor development during processing was an underlying commonality. Her research focuses on plant-based protein flavor compounds.

Hannah loves traveling– her favorite places include Denver, Portland, and Costa Rica. She and her fiancé like to try local craft beer when they travel together. In the fall, Hannah enjoys attending college football games. She also adores her two cats, Vienna and Zoey.