Jasper Limon

Jasper Limon
PhD Student

Jasper grew up in Corvallis, Oregon and stayed to complete his Honors BS degree from Oregon State University in Chemical Engineering.  At OSU, Jasper worked for Dr. Nick AuYeung and successfully defended his thesis on the Charging of a Thermally Regenerative Battery via Heated Aeration.  After gaining experience in process engineering for the gas purification and aerospace casting industries, Jasper decided to follow his interest in baking.  Trading one OSU for another, Jasper made the road trip out to Ohio State University to join the Peterson group.  He is excited to help expand the flavor chemistry field by applying untargeted flavoromics to determine drivers of cold brew coffee.  

Outside of the lab, Jasper loves a good documentary and traveling.  His ideal vacation includes visiting bridges and dams, hours of driving, and sleeping in a tent.  When he is not dodging cell service, Jasper enjoys baking and is currently searching for mail stable Christmas cookie recipes.