Joshua Oheji Otugbeikwu

Joshua Oheji Otugbeikwu
PhD Student

Joshua received his BS in Food Science and Technology from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, in Benue State, Nigeria. During his undergraduate studies, Joshua interned in the Quality Control Department of Seven-Up Bottling Company, Abuja, Nigeria, and in the Food Codex unit of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Abuja.

After graduating in 2021, he expanded his research training while serving at the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) in Abuja, Nigeria. He continued volunteering at NIPRD for one year after his national service, contributing to natural chemistry research, and developing skills in chromatography.

Currently, Joshua is a Ph.D. student at the Ohio State University under the direction of Dr. Devin Peterson and the Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC). He is a passionate food scientist and has the opinion that interaction with food should be a pleasant experience. Hence, his interest in flavor research.