Klay Liu

Klay Liu
PhD Student

Klay Liu received his two BS degrees in Food Science and in Forensic Chemistry from University of California, Davis in 2019. During his undergraduate studies, Klay was involved in many aspects of food science research, including detecting bacteriophage infection in fermentation at SonanuTech Inc., analyzing the lipid diversity of milk fat globule membrane under Dr. Bruce German, phenotyping beta-glucan in oat and vitamins in sweet corn under Dr. Michael Gore, and analyzing the fatty acid composition of olive oils under Dr. Selina Wang. Klay is passionate about understanding how to improve foods and their abilities to deliver improved health, and he hopes to become a professor in food science after his graduate studies. Currently, Klay’s research focuses on identifying how stevia degradation products may impact flavor perception and using untargeted flavoromics to identify compounds that may mitigate the formation of these degradation products.

In his free time, Klay and his vet-to-be girlfriend Krista enjoys cooking and spending time with their cat Wildling and their dog Phoebe who are named after characters from their favorite TV shows – Game of Thrones and Friends. He dreams of having his own snooker table before he turns 30.