Laura Castellanos Suarez

Laura Castellanos Suarez
PhD Student

Laura received her BA and master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Currently a Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University under the direction of Dr. Devin Peterson and FREC, Laura is researching the precursors of mouthfeel and flavor generation in beef. During her undergraduate experience, she performed collaborative research on stability analysis of fermentation processes with the Universidad de Antioquia. Then, she attended the Workshop Cocoa and Chocolate processing organized by Cacaolab and the Laboratory of Food Technology and Engineering from Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium with professor Koen Dewettink. Additionally, Laura enjoyed the opportunity to continue her master's studies working with bioprocess application in food science in the CICTA research group with the professor Luis Javier Lopez Giraldo. Laura gained interest in the field of food science and flavor chemistry through her job experience during seven years in Centro de Atencion al Sector Agropecuario in SENA Colombia, while she was the leader in the research group CHOCADIG, coordinator in the food chemical lab, and participated in Worldskills competitions. Also, she is passionate about cocoa and chocolate products.

Outside the lab, Laura enjoys doing sports, swimming, traveling, dancing, and singing in her free time.