Ningyi (Irene) Wang

Ningyi Wang
Ningyi (Irene) Wang
PhD Student

Ningyi (Irene) received her BS degree in Food Science from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. At McGill, she studied enzymatic treatments on the production of pectic oligosaccharides from cranberry pomace in Dr.Karboune’s lab. Besides analyzing oligosaccharides, she and her labmates developed a sustainable high-fiber sourdough cracker by using spent grains as the main ingredient. These experiences enabled her to think about new and creative ways to improve the selection of healthy food choices. When taking a flavor chemistry class, she realized how mighty small flavor compounds could be. She believes there are infinite possibilities with tastes and aromas, so she joined FREC with the aim of studying flavor to promote healthy diets.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, watching drama and listening kpop music. She also likes traveling, while she is not a fan of planning a trip.