Sichaya Sittipod

Sichaya Sittipod
PhD Student
Flavoromics/Coffee Chemistry

Sichaya’s past experiences primarily involve rice physicochemical chemistry.  As an undergraduate, she did an internship in Taiwan on the effect of heat stress on aromatic rice aroma. After receiving her BS degree in Food Science from Thailand, Sichaya worked as a research assistant investigating the use of heat treated rice flour as a biomaterial.  Sichaya has also worked as a research and development officer in a rice processing plant, developing rice syrups and other value added rice products. She continued her education, acquiring a Master’s degree in Grain Science and Industry from Kansas State University where she became a starch chemist, studying parboiled rice.  Sichaya then joined the Flavor Lab with the goal of learning more about the interaction between carbohydrate and proteins in the Maillard reaction and how it affects sensory attributes of a food product, in addition to diversifying her skill set.  Her current research focuses on the pathways of important flavor precursors in green coffee beans and its transformation into desired coffee taste and aroma.

Sichaya enjoys playing musical instruments. She played the violin as a child and is now currently pursuing the guitar and ukulele. She loves to play softball and has recently taken up archery. She also likes trying different ethnic foods, in particular spicy foods.