Tim Vazquez

Tim Vazquez
PhD Student
Smoke Composition

Before joining the lab, Tim obtained his BS in Biotechnology at Indiana University. He has always had an interest in food, however, so he joined Ohio State in 2015 as a PhD student in the food science department as a USDA National Needs Fellow studying soy phytochemicals. In 2018 he worked for Kerry (Beloit, WI) as a co-op in their Sensory and Consumer Product Research team. 

Currently, Tim is investigating the constituents of natural smoke condensate for use as flavor and/or as a preservative. In particular, the work is focusing on those compounds that may pose a health-risk. The study encompasses a variety of key interests such as reaction chemistry, public health, and science communication for the benefit of consumers. 

In his free time, Tim enjoys cooking, reading, yoga, and writing for sci-fi and fantasy table-top role-playing games.