Xingchen (Annie) Li, PhD

Xingchen (Annie) Li, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Xingchen (Annie) has a PhD in Food Science from University of Otago, New Zealand. Her research focused on preservation and storage of fruits and vegetables, food processing and shelf life, volatile flavor, GC-MS fingerprinting and chemometrics. Her Master’s thesis was to develop a new kiwifruit wine using overripe kiwifruit and reducing food waste and improve its flavor. Her PhD thesis was to investigate the effect of industrial processing and shelf life on the volatile flavor, lipids and enzymes of oat-based products using GC-MS based chemometrics. She has published journals in Food Chemistry and Food Research International, and has been authorized one patent. Currently, she keeps moving forward and doing flavor research as a member of FREC.

Of personal interest, she loves tasting yummy food but is not good at cooking. She likes watching basketball matches but is not skilled in playing basketball. She enjoys writing for both academic and daily life.