Research and Services

The Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) delivers state-of-the-art research that furthers the understanding of food flavor in unique ways. In alignment with current global food challenges, our discovery-based research enables industry members and academic partners to be pioneers of food flavor innovation.  The Flavor Center is dedicated to advancing efforts in health and wellness, supporting sustainability, and developing research that facilitates new ingredient utilization.  Ultimately, FREC strives to provide market-driven solutions that positively impact consumers around the globe.

Our research platform consists of three core areas of discovery: identification of flavor stimuli, pathway mapping (generation/degradation), and mechanisms of delivery. Our holistic approach provides a wide lens of discovery that facilitates translatable outcomes.  Identifying compounds that contribute to flavor perception specifies the molecular targets necessary to understand pathways of formation or modes of instability. This information in turn offers insight into potential control points for flavor optimization and allows for better utilization of natural ingredients.  Another key component of perception is flavor delivery.   Flavor compounds need to be released from the food matrix in order to be perceived.  Identifying the interactions that govern flavor release provides further opportunities for optimization.  This multifaceted approach across all three research areas provides the knowledge necessary to understand and impact food flavor.